What is The Atkins Diet

Robert C. Atkins a heart specialist (cardiologist) developed a eating plan named The Atkins Diet in the 1960s. The Atkins diet is restricts to carbohydrates while focusing on fats and protein. This diet contains the several phases for weight loss and maintenance. Atkins diet starts out with a very low-carbohydrate eating plan. This diet is formally known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach. It has been detailed in many books and is credited with starting the low-carb diet trend. So, lets take a look about what is the Atkins Diet.

What is The Atkins Diet

Why Atkins Diet Developed?

If you wants to loose weight then Atkins Diet will helps you to change your eating habits that will loose your weight. The Atkins Diet also help you to make your life healthy because it focuses on a healthy diet plan. You know Atkins diet plan has multiple benefits such as lose weight, boost energy, improve many health problems & also cure some disease such as high blood pressure.

Why might you follow the Atkins Diet?

You might choose to follow the Atkins Diet because you:

  • Have medical concerns you think the diet can help improve
  • Enjoy the types and amounts of food featured in the diet
  • Want a diet that restricts certain carbs to help you lose weight
  • Want to change your overall eating habits
  • Like the related Atkins Diet products, such as cookbooks, shakes and bars

Check with your health care provider before starting any weight-loss diet, especially if you have any health conditions, such as diabetes.

What does the Atkins Diet involve?

The main focus of the Atkins Diet is eating the right balance diet that include balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats for optimal weight loss and health. The Atkins Diet doesn’t require calorie counting or portion control. You do need to track your carbs, though. It uses a system called net carbs. Net carbs is the total carbohydrate content of an item minus its fiber content. For example, a half-cup (4 ounces) of raw broccoli has 2.3 grams of total carbs and 1.3 grams of fiber. This puts its net carb value at 1 gram.

Various Phases of the Atkins Diet?

Atkins Diet has four different Phases-

1. Induction

This phase cut almost all carbohydrates from your diet. You need to eat just 20 grams of net carbs per day. And the main thing you need to keep in your mind that you take all carbohydrates from vegetables. According to this phase you’ll get only half of your daily calories from carbohydrates. This is recommended by most of the nutrition guidelines. “Foundation” vegetables, such as celery, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber and peppers, should account for 12 to 15 grams of your daily net carbs.

2. Balancing

Balancing phase restrict you eating minimum 15 grams of net carbohydrates as foundation vegetables discussed above. And most important thing you need to keep in mind is that avoid foods that contains sugar. But you can slowly add some carbs that are high in nutrition such as more vegetables and berries, nuts, and seeds, as you keep losing weight. You stay in this phase until you’re about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) from your goal weight.

3. Pre-maintenance

Now, In this phase of Atkins diet we’ll slowly increase the range of foods that you can eat, including fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains. You can add about 10 grams of carbs to your diet each week. But you must cut back if your weight loss stops. You stay in this phase until you reach your goal weight.

4. Lifetime maintenance

Finally, you will be in this phase when you reach your goal weight. Then you keep on with this way of eating for life.

So, this is the all details about the Atkins Diet. Now you knows all about this diet plan. And it is one of the popular diet plan for weight lose in a very effective way by controlling your diet plan.

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